I just had the best day ever

I’ve eaten 10 mangos, seen eleven villages, and sang in 5 of them dancing around a pole with flowers at the top with thirty of my newest friends. We walked all day through sun and rain and big hills and bigger waves. we laughed, ate cookies and gum and petted puppies and mostly ate a bunch of delicious mangos. We were greeted by the chiefs of each village, waves from shy little cuties and tons and tons of baby powder thrown all over us as we danced. Walking back we sang and sang and storied and I marveled at the fantastic views of my new home, the beautiful people I share it with, and the pure joy that this place exhibits and I am happily receiving.

We ended the day by singing a final round of the songs in front of the most gorgeous sunset, then we prayed and ate together, and washed all of the powder and flour and mango juices off of our tired bodies in the roaring ocean waves.

It was one of the best days ever

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